Nástio Mosquito was born in 1981 in Angola. A multimedia artist, he creates performances, videos, music, and poetry. Mosquito’s work was first exhibited in 2006 and has been shown in many exhibitions since. His disillusionment with his early work as a television presenter and documentary filmmaker for Angola public television led him to live performance and various video projects. His work often deals with issues pertaining to the elemental human needs for food and sex, but his excavations of his personal identity occasionally touch on his nationality, as in his hilarious and viciously tongue-in-cheek "Fuck Africa." His work was included in the African Pavilion of the 52nd Venice Biennial (2007), and as part of the 12th Poetry Africa Festival (2008). Important shows involving Mosquito’s work include Venice Biennale (2007), ARCO Madrid (2009), the 29th Biennial of São Paulo (2010), Gwangju Biennial (2012), and exhibition at Tate Modern (2012) and recently Projects 104 at the MOMA.

Nástio introduces himself like this, "I believe you could call me DZzzz, Gavião, Fly, The Night Fly, Saco, Nasty- O, Cucumber Slice, Zura, Zurara, e Dzzzzura,  and that I will always recognize your call!  But if you really want to know, my mother calls me António Nástio da Silva Mosquito, always followed by ‘I’ve warned you!' I was born in Angola in the month of the enlightened!  I am the Crab and for that reason they say I have the potential of being a born psychologist, or even a teacher!  Well, I confess that I’ve decided to be a creative tramp with financial worries! Portugal was the arena where I learned some of the tables, and also learned that a ton of led and a ton of cotton weighs exactly the same! Queijas, Coimbra, Queijas and then Linhó! The first poem I sang was called “Abortion”. I sang it to two or three friends.  They said that it was cool, I believed them and I never stopped since then."